Worker Cards 2007

Labor, even the appearance of it, is disruptive to the consumer of leisure; laborers are frequently made invisible through the use of repetition (everyone wears the same uniform) and obscurity (workers do not speak or act except in response to consumers). However, without the laborer, leisure becomes impossible for the consumer who is then forced to engage in labor activities.

Worker Cards were conceived in response to the conflict inherent to sites of leisure. A complete deck of 52 standard playing cards, the cards display a range of laborers engaged in work tasks and can be used for full game play. However, because the suit (and the workers) can be seen through the cards they must be hidden from the view of other players in order to engage in play. Additionally, the cards can be held in front of leisure sites and their souvenir landscapes in order to re-integrate the worker into the scene.

The Worker Cards deck is a prototype. Changes, including the scale of suit indicators, and worker imagery may be adjusted and refined were the deck to go into production.