Drip Bar; Mobile Cafe 2009-2011

Drip Bar was conceived in 2009, and operated from 2010-2011 in Los Angeles County. A fully licensed mobile food facility and work display, Drip Bar confronted expectations of speed, uniformity, and sterility in the retail food environment, specifically relating to third wave coffee.

Drip Bar asserted that quality of production and ease of use, luxury and accessibility, technological and hand-made are not mutually exclusive.

An elaborated “fruit cart,” Drip Bar functioned as a pause in the flow, acting as a communal space for education (coffee knowledge) and engagement (customers were invited to view and interact, there was no division of space). Unlike traditional work displays which mediate back spaces, Drip Bar was all back, everything exposed.

Rather than operate like other mobile venues which reinforce quick and impersonal transactions Drip Bar cultivated ongoing relationships and encouraged a conscious investment in personal consumption.

An online calendar, Twitter, and Facebook were used throughout its operation to link a widespread base, publicity was through word of mouth (digital and otherwise).

Among Drip Bar’s locations were the Crenshaw, Barnsdall Art Park, Westwood, Los Feliz, and USC farmers markets, FYF Fest, The Renegade Craft Fair, The Eat Real Festival, The Beverly Hills Art Fair, The South Pasadena Music Festival, Tour de Fat, Space 15 Twenty and Chinatown Summer Nights.

Visuals were designed by Kelly DONAHEY in collaboration with Sara Haynes and Jessica Carr. Logo, websites, technical drawings, and business cards were created by Kelly DONAHEY.